0crash0 | Интересные уроки Photoshop

Мой блог о том как я постигаю 3D, видео, моушн графику, композитинг.

Интересные уроки Photoshop

  1. Unity Mobile Game Development User Interface Design
  2. Designing a Cast of Characters in Photoshop
  3. Speed Painting Environment Concepts in Photoshop
  4. Creative Environment Thumbnail Techniques in Photoshop
  5. Creating Fantasy Character Concepts in Photoshop
  6. Improving typographic proficiency for Graphic Design
  7. Painting Workflows for 3D Assets in Photoshop CS6
  8. Coloring a Beauty Sketch in Photoshop
  9. Playing With Fire Through Photo Manipulation
  10. Spaceship Concept Design Pipeline in Photoshop
  11. Energizing Your Logos with 3D Animation in Photoshop
  12. Submerging a Scene Through Photo Manipulation
  13. Enhancing Your Concepts with Textures in Photoshop
  14. Beginners Guide to Concept Sketching
  15. Designing Transforming Robot Concepts in Photoshop
  16. Kit Bashing a Mech Soldier Concept in Photoshop
  17. Composition for the Creative Artist
  18. Keys to Amazing Graphic Design Layouts
  19. Creating an Abandoned City Scene in Photoshop
  20. Sci Fi Inspired Manga Illustration in Photoshop
  21. Drawing Rock Formations in Photoshop
  22. Creating Foliage Brushes for Digital Illustration
  23. Introduction to Photoshop CS6
  24. Character Concepting Workflows for Games in Photoshop
  25. Drawing Expressions for a Stylized Character in Photoshop
  26. Light and Color Study Night Scene
  27. Creating a Concept Vehicle from a 3D Sketch in Photoshop
  28. Fundamentals of Caricature Drawing in Photoshop
  29. Sharing Artwork Between Illustrator and Photoshop
  30. Using Photoshop to Alter the Lighting of an Image
  31. Creative Character Exploration Females
  32. Fundamentals of Color Theory
  33. Fundamentals of Perspective Drawing
  34. Fundamentals of Digital Drawing
  35. Drawing the Human Profile and Figure
  36. Drawing the Human Head
  37. Drawing the Lower Body
  38. Behind the Scenes Look at Designing the Mad Scientist
  39. Drawing the Arms and Hands
  40. Drawing Facial Features