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Мой блог о том как я постигаю 3D, видео, моушн графику, композитинг.

Интересные уроки Illustrator

  1. Creating Narrative Illustrations in Illustrator
  2. Fundamentals of Typography
  3. Color Theory for Todays Creative Professionals
  4. Building a Logo for a Law Firm in Illustrator
  5. Creating Advanced Shapes in Illustrator
  6. Understanding Perspective Drawing in Illustrator
  7. Designing a Two Color T-Shirt in Illustrator
  8. Preparing Spot Color Illustrator Files for Contest Submission
  9. 10 Things Every Designer Should Know About Illustrator
  10. Understanding Illustrators Advanced Color Features
  11. Building a Logo in Illustrator The Grind Coffee Shop
  12. Adobe Illustrator for Photoshop Users
  13. Elements of Graphic Design
  14. Designing Futuristic Menus in Illustrator
  15. Understanding the Relationship Between Logo Identity and Brand